Attention MEN! How to Stop From Orgasming Early (Stop Finishing Too Fast)


Who else is sick and tired of finishing too fast? Are you embarrassed at your sexual stamina? Sick and tired of NOT lasting long enough to make sure she orgasm's as well? If you are … the simple truth is that you are NOT alone! The fact is, premature ejaculation or at least SOME form of climaxing too quickly is a problem that plagues millions of men ….. and may impact up to 70% of us at some juncture of our lives.

So how can you stop orgasming too early? Are there any simple "tricks" that can add stamina and staying power with expeditious ease?

The truth? There are MANY ways you can improve your lasting power, and most of them can be done easily from the comfort (and privacy) of your very own home. Curious to know more? Lets' take a quick and easy look at some of the simple strategies you can start learning today .. 🙂

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The truth? You can learn many ways to strengthen, toughen and improve the power of the PC muscle in the pelvis (also known as the pubococceous muscle) which many believe regulates ejaculatory control. While you need to be careful about using these exercises DURING sex (as some erroneously recommend) you CAN strengthen this muscle on your own and in private ….. which can add 20% or more to your sexual stamina EVEN if you do nothing else at all.

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Here is something that ANYONE can do …. and it works for just about 100% of men. If you are desperate for more stamina, simply start by forcing yourself to ejaculate prior to sex. Many men, for example, will practice self gratification prior to going out on a date …. or even before going out for a night on the town where they HOPE to get lucky .. 🙂 Why? Because the nerves in the glans are GREATLY desensitized after orgasm for up to 4 hours, and if you have trouble "lasting" long enough to satisfy your partner, you'll find this approach can double (or triple) your stamina if you plan properly for sure!

The Bottom Line …..

The above approaches are JUST the tip of the iceberg … as there are many "sex pert" strategies that work WONDERS for permanently "curing" PE …. and giving you the ability to almost last as long as you want! But you have to crawl before you can walk … and the above are a great way to "cheat" yourself to becoming a better lover … and you can begin both of these tonight!


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