Fatigue, Depression, and the Law of Attraction


Many times you may find it difficult at times to access the positive feeling thoughts that are needed to attract the things that you want in your life. Your thoughts have a very powerful attachment to the way your body feels as well as what occurs in your life.

There is a correlation between depression and fatigue and it seems that one fuels the other. When you are depressed you feel more drained and tired. When you are fatigued your mind is drained as well. With a tired mind and body it makes it even more difficult to generate positive thoughts. You do not believe that you are not depressed nor do you believe that you are not tired.

So, what does this have to do with the Law of Attraction? How do you reach for those better feeling thoughts of energy and happiness when you are stuck in that rut?

You must accept that in some way you did get yourself in that rut by your thoughts, accept, but not dwell. It is not necessary to go back and see which thought went wrong and when. If you do that, I can almost guarantee you will become more fatigued and more depressed.

While one way of feeling better is to reach for less restricting thoughts, such as “happiness is on its way” or “I will have energy soon.” A better way may to be directing those less restricting thoughts to both at the same time. “Happiness is on its way and I will have energy soon.”

A great correlation between depression and fatigue is lack of activity. In order to lessen resistance and find more positive thoughts, try directing your thoughts towards activity and exercise. By doing this, you dwell neither on the fact that you are unhappy nor on the fact that you are tired. You are directing your thoughts to something that will bring you more energy which in turn can bring you out of depression.


Source by Jenny R

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