Great Advice For Unhappy People


Do you like your unhappiness? Or would you better like a more colorful life? With lots of laughter, smiles, contacts. Yes, I mean contacts and not conflicts.

Unhappiness conducts to a sad and not fulfilling life. That is not the sense of what life is meant to be. And you probably feel it. Don’t you think it’s time for a change, a change for the better. You know you can have a better life. Deep inside yourself you can feel and sense it. If you just want to.

I know that some unhappy people just like to be unhappy. It is so nice to complain about almost all things in life. But: does it take you somewhere else? Isn’t it always the same? Do you like to meet always unhappy people who are also mumbling and grumbling about whatever comes their way?

This is just a waste of energy. Let those unhappy people be where they are. If they don’t feel the urge to change their life at least YOU do.

You know that negativity attracts more negativity. And this negativity does not stop in your workplace, it does not stop in your relationships and it does not stop in whatever area of your life you are having it. Negativity will take over all areas of your life. If you allow this. Unhappiness and negativity go hand in hand. There is a possibility to alter that. Why not be happy and have positivity in your life?

You can have this combination, but you must be willing to take the step. Leave your unhappiness behind you, go forward. Let negativity no longer rob your life force. That is what it actually does.

Let negativity behind you. Say yes to positivity. Let your unhappy friends behind you. Say yes to positive friends. Let your bad mood behind you. Say yes to a good mood, to a good laughter, to a happy smile on your face. Happy smiles will come your way, people with a good mood will want to stay in your company.

The job you had always wanted to have and that had been occupied by an “enemy” of yours, might be offered to you. You do not have to have enemies. We are all living on the same planet. We can live together in friendship. Hate or dislike does not take you anywhere.

Let’s recap: turn unhappiness into happiness. Let negativity go. Positivity is much more what can help you enjoy your life.

You do not have enemies. It is your jealousy that created them, but you can live without these negative feelings. And you will live better.

Use your mindset and mental power to create a fulfilling and happy life. You can do this. You are the master of your life. In the way you want it to be.


Source by Elisabetta Reist

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