Parenting Guide – Know the Difference Between Motivation and Pressure on Your Kids


Every parent wants the best for their kids, and very often, that is confused with wanting their kids to be the best! You’ll find parents pushing their kids to work hard at achieving a goal thinking it’s for their good and what starts as motivation usually quickly evolves into added pressure for the child to perform up to their parents’ expectations and standards. With the proper parenting skill, you can motivate your child to do better while being very careful not to cross the line.

Parents usually stress their kids because of one of a few possible reasons.

Family background

Kids who come from family backgrounds where a number of members are high flyers will tend to want their children to achieve the same level of success as they do. Because the parents are high flyers, they may not see that their constant pressuring of their children to perform better is far from motivation.

Economic stress

Some parents also want to minimize the economic strain of having children and the last thing they want is to have kids who grow up experiencing problems with getting a good education and of course subsequently, getting a job.

Children owe it to them

Many parents have high expectations of their children because since young, they will provide the best to their children in order to create an ideal environment growing up. Parents tend to delude themselves into believing that the secret to successful children is to give them everything. The truth is that children need their space to have fun as well. Excessive and constant motivation from parents because seen as pressure.


Source by Josephine Finess

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