What Does a Man Have to Do to Produce Y Chromosomes to Help Conceive a Boy Baby? I'll Tell You


I recently heard from a man who wanted to help his wife to conceive a boy baby. He had read that if the Y chromosomes (in a man's sperm) fertilized the female egg, then the result would be a son. So, he figured that he would ask how he could ensure that he was providing only Y chromosomes rather than X's. He wanted to know if there was something that he could eat or things that he could do to accomplish this. He had also heard that one testicle produces X chromosomes while the other contributed Y's. So, he wanted to know if there was a way to stop production from one testicle. Only some of his assumptions were true, but I'll address his concerns in the following article.

A Healthy Man's Sperm Contains Both X And Y Chromosomes In Roughly Equal Amounts: First of all, a healthy and normal man is going to contribute roughly equal parts of both chromosomes. There is very little that you can do to change this. To my knowledge, rather than using medical intervention, there is no way to "turn off" the X component of the equation. And, there is no difference in what is produced depending on the testicle. Each one produces the same thing, which is a mix of both. While a man's health and diet can influence his fertility, it's much less likely to determine or influence his baby's gender. However, a woman's diet can have some influence, which is why I felt that they were better off focusing on his wife's diet rather on than his own.

Why The Woman's Or The Mother- To-Be's Diet Influences Baby Gender More Than The Father-To Be's Diet Does: So, let's think about this. You basically have both potential sexes and genders racing for the egg. These little guys are basically running an obstacle course moving through the woman's reproductive tract toward her egg. So, which gets there first is going to depend on some of the following: their speed; their life span; how healthy they are; and how they are affected by the environment that they have to wade through.

You can not control their speed. The boy making sperm are faster than those that produce females. Not much is going to change this. And, the girl making sperm hangs around for longer than those that produce males. Again, this variable is pretty much set. But, what you can change is the environment that they have to wade through and how healthy they are on this journey.

So, let's start with the environment. Since a son is this couple's goal, the wife was going to need to be alkaline because this is the best home for those Y's. And, that's where the wife's diet comes in, rather than the husband's. Foods are either going to fall into the acidic, alkaline, or neutral categories. The wife needed to avoid those foods that were acidic or neutral.

As far as the health of each chromosome was concerned, you can help the health of the son producing sperm by waiting to attempt conception until ovulation has happened. This means that the egg is ready and waiting. Ovulation predictors can let you know when this happens.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that the father-to-be does not have a lot of control over the ratio of his sperm chromosomes. Luckily though, there are some variables that you can control. And, these things can make all of the difference in terms of gender selection.


Source by Sandy Dean

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